Bologna and Surrounding Photo Tours

Bologna Photo Tours
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Bologna and Surroundings Photo Tours

The best way to discover and take pictures of the ancient city of Bologna and the beautiful and less known rolling hills and medieval villages in the surrounding.


When fits best to you


Bologna city and surroudings


Private or your own small group


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Bologna Photo Tours

You definitely should spend some time in the beautiful small city of Bologna while travelling in Italy. 

It’s well known for the most ancient university of the world, for the upcoming UNESCO Heritage site of Porticoes, the longest in the world and for an exquisite cousine

Francesco Fanti is a professional photographer based in Bologna and can lead you in the most hidden and beautiful corners of the city, managing a pleasant walk taking advantage of the best light conditions and support you while taking photos from your trip. 

Moreover is an expert of the less known surroudings of the city and can drive you in the beautiful rolling hills around Bologna, discovering medieval villages, ancient abbeys and wandering on lush hills and harsh badlands




Tour in small private group are available all around the year but may be subject to minor changes to get the best light conditions or enjoy seasonal events (like foliage)

Private photo tours to discover the wonders of the city of Bologna and her surroundings. San Petronio church, the Two Towers, UNESCO world heritage site of porticoes and the Basilica of San Luca. You will spend moments of great photography lead by Francesco Fanti, a local photographer and photography teacher.

How to get started?

First of all get in touch with me!

Tell me what are your plans, how many days/hours will you spend in Bologna and what are your favourite photographic genres (landscape, cityscapes, street etc etc).

I will do my best to create a tailor made experience to fit best your need and make you fall in love with my beautiful city and the amazing surrouding.

Whether you are alone or visiting the city with a small group of friends or family i can bring you around the most photogenic places and allows you to get nice pictures from your stay in Bologna.

Photo Highlights

FF 418

Medieval villages and rolling hills

Tramonto estivo sui Calanchi

Sunset or Sunrise above hills and badlands

San-Luca---photo tour

City walks at sunset or sunrise

Photo tour fees

We will work together to create the best tailor made experience for you, anyway here you can find a list of the best seller tours I lead in the city and surroundings.  

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry! Just get in touch and tell me your preferences.


City Walk Photo tour

Approximately 3 hours Photo Walk in the city of Bologna discovering the most beautiful places and hidden cornersto let you take nice travel photos. Best time to do this tour is at sunset or sunrise. In the former we will get a really nice light to capture the city, in the latter we will still have an amazing light but the city will be almost empty just for us! It is also great to do this tour by night.


Long City Walk Photo tour

Approximately 4-5 hours Photo Tour in the city of Bologna  (see City Walk Photo Tour) including the San Luca hill and Basilica which dominates the city from the above. We can reach the top of San Luca hills walking under the longest porticoes of the world or driving. Best time to pick this is in the afternoon and take photo at sunset and blue hour from the San Luca hill.


Bologna Surroudings photo tour

Approximately 5-6 hours Photo Tour in the surroudings of Bologna. Francesco will drive you among rolling hills, you will visit medieval villages and ancient abbeys and enjoy the golden hour on badlands. Best time to have this tour is in the afternoon in order to include a beautiful sunset on badlands and hills.


City & Surroudings Complete Photo tour

The most complete photo tour you can have in the city of Bologna and her surroudings. You will enjoy a photo walk in the city taking photos of the monuments and hidden corners of Bologna under the best light conditions including also Basilica of San Luca and the hills that dominates the city from the above. Moreover you will discover with Francesco the surroudings of the city with all hidden gems as medieval towns, ancient abbeys and beutiful nature locations as badlands.

Depending on season and day time duration, often is better to split this approximately 8-9 hours tour over two days in order to enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise and taking better travel photo.

The listed fees are valid from 1 person to 4 people. It is possible to include other people (with or without a camera) for an extra fee depending on the chosen tour. 



Get in touch with me and tell me your plans!

You can also select a time slot to set up a call or video call to better discuss about your needs and making a tailor made proposal.

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