Com’è nato il mio logo

Logo di Francesco Fanti

How was my logo born?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, sums it up in a simple sentence: “Your brand is what other people say when you are not in the room”.

 I like this thought and I think it fits my logo, which is not just the F of the initials of my first and last name: Francesco Fanti

It embodies the semantics of both the world landscapes I shoot and my soul.

When I saw it for the first time I thought of the winding curve of the hills where I have always lived. When I looked at the drawing, I saw the waves of sea. When I heard it, it was a sinuously shaped violin. In any case, this pattern of contrasts transmitted a music in which I felt I belonged, exactly like the melody that comes to my mind when I am outside shooting, at the time and in the natural places I love.

Not only are those black and white areas that perfectly fit into each other the results of a very good shot, they are also a virtuous example of how the emotional peaks of my life culminate in a viewfinder frame, in a place that, after all, is physically confined, where they can finally find their balance and become infinite.

Just like the feelings a photograph can generate, when you decide to go into it and live it.

In my logo you can see a lot of images, feel different vibrations, be free to find black and white, light and shadows, depending on your moods, because this is what I would like to be told about me when I am not in the room, but my shots are: my alter egos.

If only one of you can tell one of my shots, even with the smallest emotion, whatever it may be, positive or negative, then you will have told an entire novel about me and I will be happy. This is my “Ikigai”, the reason for which I do my job deciding to be simply what you see in my pictures, and nothing more.


The visual limit in photographic and cinematographic technique, shooting a scene according to a certain frame

Freccia verso destra
Cornice del logo di Francesco Fanti
Freccia verso il basso

Francesco Fanti Initials

The double "FF" that stands for my name

Iniziali di Francesco Fanti nel logo

Francesco Fanti Initials

The double "FF" that stands for my name

Freccia verso sinistra
Freccia verso il basso

Hills and skyscrapers

Real elements that identifies my photographic niche, a physical and visual presence of a hypothetical portrait landscape

Colline più grattacieli nel logo
Freccia verso il basso
Freccia verso il basso
ff blu noname
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